5 Hospitality Tax Deductions to Claim in 2018

If you’re working in the hospitality industry, you might want to have a look at the 5 common hospitality tax deductions that our accounting team at Online Tax Return has come up with to help you with your tax return this financial year.


Who is a Hospitality Employee?

Hospitality employees are chefs (and other cooks), waiters and bartenders. Every reference in this guide to the term ‘waiter’ includes both men and women.

ATO, 2018


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1. Hospitality Tax Deductions – Clothing


Did you know you can claim the expenses of your work uniform?

  • Uniforms with a logo
  • Protective clothing such as aprons and protective shoes
  • Work professional clothing such as the chef’s pants or hats

What Clothing Can You Not Claim?

  • Plain white shirts
  • Plain black shoes

2. Hospitality Tax Deductions – Tools and Equipment

Did you know that you can claim the expenses of your work tools?


  • Tools such as chef’s knives, cooking utensils, cocktail mixers
  • Computers and tablets
  • Maintenance and repair of the work-related tools
  • Interest on loans taken for the purchase work related equipment
  • Leasing costs of equipment used at work


3. Hospitality Tax Deductions – Car Expenses

Did you drive your car for work related purposes?

You can claim the cost of driving from one venue to the other, picking up work related equipment or deliveries.


Via Logbook this method requires you to keep a record of at least 12-week period mileage

Via Cents per kilometre– this method requires you to claim 66 cents per Km for up to 5000 Km per year.

What Can You Not Claim?

  • Trips to and from work


4. Hospitality Tax Deductions – Self-Education Expenses


If you enrolled in a course for professional development, you can claim:


  • Travel costs
  • Accommodation and meals
  • Tuition fees
  • Course related phones
  • Internet fees
  • Books and equipment purchased for the course



What Can You Not Claim?

Self-education expenses intended to provide you a new job or income from a new job or a business

5. Other Hospitality Tax Deductions


  • Work related phone calls
  • Work bags
  • Sunglasses and sunscreen if you work in open air functions
  • Income protection insurance
  • Tax agents fees from your previous year’s tax return
  • Charity donations
  • Marketing material relating to your position


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