Office Admin Staff – How to Maximise your Tax Return

So, here’s a big thank you to all the organisers, schedulers and arrangers who bring instruction and diligence to the daily tasks within an office. Let’s be honest, without you “office staff”, it would be a chaotic disaster. Because your life is already filled with so many tasks to be organised for others, how about you let us take care of you this financial year. When it comes to taxes it can be a bit overwhelming, particularly if you are not fully aware of all the deductions you can claim. Here at Online Tax Return we’d like to make your life a bit easier by listing some important tax news that the ATO has announced this year.

Office Admin Staff – Work Travel Expenses

If you’re required to perform any work-related tasks during your normal work hours, these are some deductions that you can make:

• Bus fares

• Train fares

• Taxi fares

• Hire car expenses

• Plane flights

• Private car use car expenses

• Bridge and road tolls

Office Admin Staff – Work Related Equipment

Have you bought a new laptop for your job? Maybe a licence for some sort of software to use for the company’s newsletters? You might have spent a bit of money on it but the great news is that you can make a claim for them. Work related equipment include:

• Purchase or leasing costs of laptops and tablets
• Stationery, including diaries and notebooks
• Software and stock license fees
• Computer accessories such as USBs, cables and headphones
• Work-related personal phone expenses
• Repair costs for work-related tools and equipment
• Insurance premiums for work equipment

Office Admin Staff – Self-Education Related Expenses

If you got involved in a few courses this year for professional development, be it a communication workshop to uplift your client strategy or to learn a new software required in your office, these are some of the expenses you can claim:

• Manuals and course-related journals
• Course fees
• Accommodation costs, where relevant
• Equipment purchased for the course
• Travel costs

*You cannot claim a deduction for self-education expenses for a course that does not relate to your current job*

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